A Malaysian Heritage

Centuries of cultural diversity, heritage and tradition showcased in the form of exceptional quality crafts and products   from finest Malaysian craftsmans and artisans.

Our Vision

We believe that via the adoption of the latest design concepts and technologies, we can open up new markets, new potentials and generate higher revenues for the industry which will in turn benefit the artisans and all that are related to the economic ecosystem.

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Karyaneka Online Store

Looking to give that perfect gift? You can find it here. There are thousands of items to choose from. Browse the most popular shops from our most successful artisans. Looking for a beautiful necklace for your loved one this Christmas? You can find beautiful, hand-crafted pieces, from glittering gold to striking turquoise. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find the perfect gift for every birthday and gift-giving holiday.

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Our Online Store

At our Online store you’ll find an exciting, often exclusive range of gifts, collectibles and much more!

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Postal adress: 45 Beach Road Moullie Point 8007 Cape Town South Africa

Phone: (021) 332-112-222

Email: playhard@example.com